Endless Nights, Phoenix Nights, Preach & ZeplaHQ present

On the 9th of July, Light and Chaos are re-united once more. To celebrate this, the forces of both datacenters are teaming up to throw an otherwordly event the likes of which has never seen before.

in collaboration with
Starfall Café, Eorzean Lunatics, A'leycat, Lynn's Ishgardian Brewery, Primals Club, Happy Tunes, Trinity, The Relaxed Cat Spa
as well as the amazing Free Companies:
Far Away Places, Vagrants, Haven, Kage, Barrage, IWNS, Soup, Crawl

Event concluded! For more events like this:

The Endless Nights Website


    An Out-of-this-world Glamour Contest

    Light - Phoenix - Mist - Ward 1 Plot 2
    Saturday July 9th
    15:00 - 19:30 Server Time

    To start off The Rejoining, Phoenix Nights will team up with Zepla to host a Glamour Contest that is to be truly out of this world. With the fully functional services of the Phoenix Nights casino available, it's bound to be an unforgettable start to a stunning event.


    A massive ward-wide collaboration

    Chaos - Spriggan - Empyreum - Ward 5 - Plot 30, 28, 26, 24, 23, 15, 12 & 7
    Saturday July 9th - Sunday July 10th
    19:30 - 06:00 Server Time

    With the help from multiple amazing Free Companies, we are putting together a party across the entirety of Spriggan - Empyreum - Ward 5! Featuring a multitude of unique and different points of interest, as well as many activities provided by both ourselves and the amazing partners collaborating to help us out.Below is a custom map to show exactly which houses are part of the event. They will all be open and supplied with staff, ready to be visited! Make sure to hop by all of them, there's something unique to be found everywhere.

    Unique Locations

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